Heraclitus: book of nature

Heraclitus book of nature , temple of Artemis, Ephesus ancient Greece.

Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher from Ephesus , Asia Minor. Ephesus is known for the early connections with christian community and St Paul’s travels.
Heraclitus created a  theory for universe and nature, which he expressed in a obscured language. His doctrines are : The unity of opposites in universe, the universal flux and that fire (energy) is the basis of cosmos. The unity of that forces is delivered by logos.

Heraclitus wrote a single book called “on nature”, which had been lost. Euripides gave a copy of Heraclitus’ book to Socrates to read; when asked his opinion of the book, Socrates replied, “The part I understand is excellent, and so too is, I dare say, the part I do not understand; but it needs a Delian diver to get to the bottom of it” (Lives, 2. 22; 9.12). https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Heraclitus